Publisher's Note

This journal is published jointly by COSMOS Learning Center and Roots Press for COSMOS Learning Center, which is the owner of this journal.


In addition to using internal funds, COSMOS Learning Center uses the following sources to cover the production costs of the manuscripts.


Pharmaceutical Communications also uses a ‘crowdfunding’ model allowing the broader community or 'crowd' to choose to fund with financial donations. With enough financial backing from the crowd, the journal is able to cover its production costs and be published. However, the ‘funders’ have no say in the academic and editorial decisions of the journal.


Pharmaceutical Communications also solicits donations from individuals or institutions, periodically.

Priced editions

Pharmaceutical Communications offers priced print editions to institutions and libraries that request high-quality print editions.

Volunteer effort

A significant part of the journal’s work (reviewing, copyediting, production, publishing) is carried out by unpaid volunteer workers from various institutions, learned societies, and the wider community.


Pharmaceutical Communications does not use advertising on the journal's website or article pages in order to generate income to help support the journal.